Friday, December 29, 2006

Who Really Rescued Who?

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Mother Theresa once said that the greatest poverty in the West is loneliness. Social isolation is a fact of life for an enormous number of people, and that includes my mama.

Within a four year period, she had lost her husband, her father, her business. She lost her beloved cat, her german shepherd, and her labrador retriever. All of these had been the biggest parts of her life for at least 12 years, and she was present when each and every one of them passed away. During this same time period, the World Trade Centers had been attacked, two wars had begun, and the economy of her state took a nose dive that had never been seen in her lifetime. She had only one friend who stuck by her through the entire thing.

Then, her house burned down.

Then, she 'rescued' me.

Outlawed Breeds

In this day and time when communities are declaring certain dog breeds illegal, regardless of the results of true research, in response to (of course) distorted and dishonest news reporting, and exterminating those animal breeds against the will of their owners, my mother would like the 'soul-less government' to consider her. Consider that while these animals may be rescues, they are very likely rescuers in their own right, in a society where commerce, and what can be taken from it, in influence and taxes, trumps every other value.

The government and commerce cannot, by any known means, actually provide what is needed for a human heart and soul. By their nature they can provide structure, security and supply. But what is in the heart and soul is what makes life worth living and, if people can't be bothered to be there for one another, at least we animals do that very well for anyone who needs it.

God bless Thor.

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Nicole said...

Hi Thor,
This is an American lawyer, Andrew Vachss, who represents abused children in court.
He has been instrumental in setting up a network of people who train dogs to accompany these, often terrified, childen into court when they are required to testify face to face against their predators. The presence of the dogs calm the kids and give them strength. Thought some of these dogs may be relatives of yours.